‘No Experience – No problem’ JetWave International Provide Insight Into their Recruitment Policy

‘No Experience – No problem’ JetWave International Provide Insight Into their Recruitment Policy

Effective recruitment is the backbone of every successful company. Knoxville-based JetWave International have a no experience – no problem policy and CEO Isaac Jackson has provided insight into their unique recruitment tactic.

A graduate of Indiana University Southeast, Mr. Jackson values higher education, and he believes that graduates bring fresh ambition and enthusiasm and can prove to be valuable team members; however, he stated that his real education started when he entered the business world.

“University is step one of the journey, after graduation is when the hard work begins,” states Mr. Jackson.

The JetWave International CEO began his career at Anheuser-Busch which propelled his leadership skills and developed his ability to work with a diverse group of individuals, and this was hugely instrumental in his entrepreneurial development. The business owner then transitioned into the automotive industry, working for Faurecia. It was there he was able to develop professionally at a very young age, gaining an understanding of the importance of negotiations, detailed reports, and time management.

JetWave International is a young firm with big future goals. CEO Isaac Jackson recognizes that good recruitment is pivotal to their continued success and the business owner firmly believes that their no experience approach has allowed the sales and marketing specialists to uncover hidden gems that would have been looked over by other companies.

At JetWave International, they look beyond the resume to see the person. While industry experience and a relevant degree can be advantageous, CEO Isaac Jackson assesses candidates work ethic, student mentality, communication/people skills, and attitude. Mr. Jackson believes that if candidates possess those skills, his talented team can provide them with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to become a key player.

They operate a rigorous interview process to allow them to identify the right candidates. The first interview is a brief get to know you process where the firm assesses candidates personality and career goals. From there, the top 10% are invited to attend an observation day where they are able to fully evaluate them on three key areas; Student mentality, work ethic, and attitude.

Mr. Jackson believes that the firm’s approach to recruitment has been integral to their ability to find top talent and the business owner is urging other companies to consider candidates with no experience.

JetWave International is Knoxville’s premier sales, marketing, promotions and consulting company. The firm is committed to their no experience recruitment policy, and CEO Isaac Jackson is urging business owners to reconsider their approach to recruitment, looking beyond the resume to see the person.

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