JetWave International Put Travel on the Agenda to Aide Development

JetWave International Put Travel on the Agenda to Aide Development

Following two business trips visiting from Atlanta and New York, Knoxville-based direct marketing and sales specialists, JetWave International are putting travel on the agenda to aide development.

A Brightpark Edu-Travel report found that 94% of business leaders in the US believe that travel gives them a competitive advantage in the workplace and JetWave International support that ideology.

JetWave International played host as they welcomed sales and marketing professionals from Atlanta and New York to spend a week at their firm. CEO at JetWave International, Isaac Jackson was inspired by the progress that took place as a result of the incoming road trips, commenting;

“I am incredibly fortunate to have a network of business owners who are willing to help me grow JetWave International, and sending business trips to spend time at my firm, sharing knowledge and experience is really beneficial.” Commented Mr Jackson.

JetWave International is fortunate to have a flexible business model that doesn’t restrict them to one static location. The direct sales and marketing specialists have the ability to take their business on the road and expose their client’s products and services to a new consumer demographic. This week, CEO Isaac Jackson announced that the firm is now putting travel on the agenda to aide development.

During his journey to become a business owner, Mr Jackson frequently traveled to different marketing agencies and locations across the US, and he believes that those trips played a massive role in his progression. The business owner has revealed the three key benefits of business trips.

  1. Networking

One of the most significant advantages of traveling is the opportunity to meet new people. CEO of JetWave International, Isaac Jackson contends that traveling allows people to broaden their network. The award-winning entrepreneur argues that having a strong and diverse network is integral to business success.

  1. Learning opportunity

For JetWave International, having the chance to spend time with other marketing agencies across the US provides the opportunity to observe others way of working, and learn new techniques and strategies.

  1. Research

Business trips are a great way to conduct market research and test consumer demand in different locations argues JetWave International.

JetWave International is a trusted business and consulting firm founded on previous experiences and principles. The Knoxville-based firm is excited to put travel on the agenda to aide their development.


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