JetWave International Divulges What to Look for When Attracting New Talent

JetWave International Divulges What to Look for When Attracting New Talent

JetWave International is a leading outsourced sales and marketing firm.  With a market reach spanning several cities across the US, the Knoxville-based company has shared what to look for when attracting new talent. 

Knoxville’s premier events, retail, and in-store marketing promotion company, JetWave International is frequently looking for the next wave of talented individuals to help take their business forward. The firm’s current team of highly skilled individuals pride themselves on being the best across the events and promotions sector and have been integral to the firm’s existing success rate.  Now, as the ambitious company is looking to take their expansion to another level, they are on the lookout for more talented individuals and have taken the time to share what to look for then attracting new talent.  

A good recruitment system is pivotal for a company to grow and prosper, believe JetWave International. The firm has a highly efficient recruitment system in place that identifies talented individuals with drive, tenacity and ambition who would be suitable to help drive the expansion of the firm even further.  

When attracting new talent, there are certain top qualities that companies should be looking for.  

Being able to adapt – the sales and marketing industry is continually evolving, so JetWave International look for individuals with the right mindset to be ready to learn and adapt to market changes. 

Being resourceful – the management of one’s own time is essential, and JetWave International look for individuals who are self-motivated and productive. 

Have an eye for detail – the ability to be precise is vital for any business because it saves time and money.  

Flexibility with roles – it is important to have individuals who are happy to work outside their primary job function say JetWave International. A business needs people who aren’t afraid to get stuck in.   

Fit in with the company culture – this is key; if a person doesn’t fit with the current company culture, then it won’t work out.  

JetWave International is a direct sales and marketing agency based in the Knoxville. The firm focus on personalized marketing and sales growth for clients; being passionate about helping companies make a genuine and lasting impression on consumers while generating leads and gaining market exposure. The firm looks for the above qualities when attracting new talent to take the business to the next level.   



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