JetWave International Discusses ways to Boost Productivity in your Office

JetWave International discusses ways to boost productivity in your office.

Sales and Direct marketing specialists discuss ways to boost productivity in offices without a complete overhaul. JetWave International believes that creating a safe and comfortable working environment while eliminating any and all confusing processes, as well as any bad habits, will go a long way to help with productivity.

A study conducted by Gallup and the U.S Council for competitive showed that American productivity has been on a steady decline for a long period now. They also found that despite constant and significant improvements in job growth, satisfaction and competitiveness, the US is continually falling behind with regards to productivity in the workplace. The same study showed that less than a third of all Americans are emotionally engaged in their jobs.

Jetwave International want to change these statistics and have devised a number of ways in which offices around the country can integrate tasks to ensure they don’t suffer the same fate. Here’s how companies can do just that:

Create an active working environment:

There are some companies catering to the ergonomics and aesthetics of an office space purely to tick a box for HR purposes. However, the value of designing a workspace built around the human body cannot be understated. Its understood that over 40 percent of workplace injuries are strains and sprains, being idle behind a desk all day, only moving to get food and to go to the restroom is incredibly bad for employees.

Having an active workspace has a number of benefits:

–  Get people moving about, so their spines do not curve to the ergonomics of the chair.

–  Allow unrestricted use of space that would suit particular projects they’re working on

–  Do away with isolated cubicles.

Provide food and drink (fuel):

The performance will typically slump in the afternoon, as its hours after their morning coffee. They are going to need something to fuel their body in the form of caffeine, sugar or some form of snacks particularly those who’ve had a big lunch. A study showed that over 90 percent of Americans snack daily, but 60 percent wish there were healthier alternatives.

Take the initiative and provide them. Make sure the kitchen is stocked with fresh fruit, nuts and granola bars, jerky and foods that are low in calories but will satisfy every craving.

Reward behavior and performances that you want to see more of:

Some firms use leaderboards to motivate staff, particularly in sales based roles. However, the increased competition doesn’t work for all. However, all employees whether extroverts or introverts, competitive or not will observe the same thing, how leaders in the company reward or punish certain behaviors within the company, behavior that gets rewarded is often replicated.

Founded in November 2017 and based in Knoxville, Tennessee, JetWave is a trusted business and consulting firm founded on previous experiences and principles. Each of the team members is a leader in their field of expertise, focused on customer acquisition, brand awareness and customer service.



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