Jetwave International discusses how firms should change their recruitment strategies in order to attract top college talent.

Jetwave International discusses how firms should change their recruitment strategies in order to attract top college talent.

Direct sales and marketing firm Jetwave International have recently reviewed how many firms in the U.S and further afield have started to change their recruitment strategy when it comes to hiring recent graduates. The Knoxville based company have followed suit in order to recruit top talent from fresh university graduates to industry professionals.

In the working world of today, Millennials and Gen Z’s are quickly making up the bulk of the work force. These individuals have many different requirements from companies and what they want to get out of the job. Furthermore, with the rise in the number of degrees college graduates are finding it hard to get their foot in the door.

Jetwave International knows precisely how daunting it is trying to get your first job. Students have big dreams; lots of enthusiasm, but often don’t have the experience. Often with entry-level positions, they require experience, leaving many students scratching their heads wondering how they’re going to get a job. It is with this in mind Jetwave International has changed their recruitment strategy and urge others to do the same. They have devised a list of top tips to consider when hiring:

1.) Let the students know that their interest, drive, ability and enthusiasm are equally as valuable to your business and that training is provided for the candidates that also have the potential.

2.) Students are like sponges; they are primed to learn – if they have the ambition and motivation, they will learn the job. It’s incredibly important for employers to look beyond experience and focus on their skills, interests and passions. The rest will fall into place.

3.) Make every effort to make job descriptions clear, relevant and exciting. Gone are the days of standard job listings that solely include job duties. Graduates what to know more about the company values, culture and overall mission. Furthermore, it’s important to adequately describe the hiring process and tell applicants how to apply.

It’s also important to understand students want meaningful work. Students really what to know that what they do is actually going to matter. Both in terms gaining valuable experience and making a contribution to society.

Show them what it is like to work to work at the firm and how the company is making a difference in the community and the world as a whole. It’s a good idea to do away with brochures and focus on imagery and videos that encapsulates the company culture and the job roles that are being advertised for.

It’s important to keep the students excited about the job role they are applying for and how they can be part of fascinating and cool projects. However, false advertising is a major no, only include information that they can actually get involved in if they are given the job. It’s important to set a precedent and follow through on what you say.

Finally, it’s important to consider what is essential to those applying and design your recruitment activities around them. Organizing events within the community can help cement an idea in the mind of the applicant that your words aren’t just rhetoric and you follow through with what’s being said.

Founded in November 2017 and based in Knoxville, Tennessee, JetWave International is a trusted business and consulting firm founded on previous experiences and principles. Each of the team members are leaders in their field of expertise, focused on customer acquisition, brand awareness and customer service.

The firm wanted to create a solution, common ground and a mutual understanding between customers and clients and optimize the disconnect between marketing, advertising, brand awareness and customer acquisition.

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