JetWave International discuss Key Mannerisms that Portray Expertise

JetWave International discuss key mannerisms that portray expertise

Jacksonville-based, direct sales and marketing specialists JetWave International recently held a workshop to urge budding entrepreneurs to follow a series of key tips that are designed to help them become experts at whatever it is they are trying to sell.

The best salespeople in the world share one collective trait – it’s almost impossible to tell they are involved in sales. It might seem counter-intuitive to some, but these individuals carry themselves as the go-to experts in their respected fields or industry. JetWave International believe it is these people that are able to uncover, pinpoint and solve key challenges their prospects might have in a way that doesn’t come across as filling quotas.

JetWave International have devised a list of simple pointers that are going to help entrepreneurs build that strong reputation as an expert when trying to sell. The firm believes these will help earn prospects trust, and will go a long way in helping to reach sales targets with ease. In essence, an individual within the business of selling is going to be considered the expert, but it’s down to the individual to confirm that fact in the mind of the prospect.

An expert can offer prospects the opportunity to see a bird’s eye view of trends across the industry as opposed to just their own company’s. However, if prospects fail to see it in the same light, it’s because the approach taken is too ‘salesy’ and not the approach of an expert.

First and foremost, JetWave International recommend avoid trying to think like a salesperson. When someone thinks in this manner, they often look to go straight into the pitch of the product or service they are trying to sell. It’s important to slow the process down and understand the problems the prospects are having and if there is a solution that can be offered. If they can’t, it’s important to stop trying to ‘sell, sell, sell’.

The Jacksonville-based firm believe an expert is an individual that has valuable industry information and has an understanding the prospect would be keen to know. In order to capture their attention and provide a perceived added value by sharing information that could benefit from at the beginning of the conversation. However, an absolute must as a salesperson or as an entrepreneur, in general, is the ability to understand when to walk away. After laying out the challenges and problems to the prospect, the next step is to ask whether they have encountered any of the problems discussed. If the answer is no, and the prospect hasn’t experienced any of the difficulties faced that can be solved by the product or service on offer, it’s likely it’s not going to be a good fit. If this eventuality arises walking away is a must. There is no point wasting time and resources trying to secure them, however, end the conversation respectfully with the invitation to return later on down the line.

“At JetWave International we are all about the quality of sales rather than quantity – if we can’t help our clients acquire valuable and meaningful long-term relationships then it’s probably not going to be worthwhile for all parties concerned. The workshop was designed to help out contractors understand that its ok to walk away from a lead that might not be worthwhile later down the line. We want all our contractors to be confident when talking to and making decisions with prospects. After all, we want to create trust and provide an expert service to all we come in contact with,” states Isaac Jackson CEO of JetWave International.

JetWave International is a trusted business and consulting firm founded on previous experience and principles. Each of the team members is a leader in their field of expertise, focused on customer acquisition, brand awareness, and customer service.

The firm wanted to create a solution, common ground and a mutual understanding between customers and clients and optimize the disconnect between marketing, advertising, brand awareness and customer acquisition.

The customer acquisition specialists have brought ideas from all over the world, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the US, to name a few. The diversity within the firm allows them to connect with a wide variety of customers to give them the best experience possible and build lasting relationships with clients.


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