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The Marketing Agency Breaks New Ground in the Industry and Motivates its Full Team by Hosting an Interactive Workshop.

Knoxville-based sales and marketing agency JetWave International continues to expand its innovative development and learning platform by hosting the second in a series of interactive workshops designed to motivate and galvanise the key asset of its firm: the team.

The first tutorial which occurred last month, Developing A Personal Brand, was aimed at new entrants to the workforce and offered insight on how one can understand and express one’s authentic self while building a community and network. The latest tutorial which occurred on Dec 1st, 2017 took the baton one step further as it revealed ‘The Secrets to Success.’ More specifically, the workshop detailed how important morning routines are in impacting one’s level of success at any stage in a career. Rolled in a distinctively fresh platform for learning that balanced a lecture and a lively town hall debate, the participants discussed the reasons why being an early bird means catching the worm and the importance of those few extra moments in the morning. Based on the book ‘The Miracle Morning’ Hal Elrod, one comment was as follows ‘By waking up early and devoting time in one’s morning to exercise, meditation, family time, writing, or any other creative or worthwhile pursuit, one can truly gain clarity to solve problems, get energy, and wake up to one’s full potential’.

When it comes to success, it was agreed amongst the participants that while it can be defined in different ways, there are some core traits that clearly trace back to rising early. For example, the tutorial highlighted positivity, eating breakfast, time to plan, morning exercise, a healthy amount of sleep, decluttering, morning motivation, and concentrated quiet time as exponential factors that lead to success.

JetWave International CEO Isaac Jackson remarks “JetWave International has been communicating and operating as an example of optimum performance and authenticity since our inception. We are thrilled to share methods to keep our team healthy, energised and positive as they carry out their goals here and their mission in the world, especially as the methods are so simple and can help break bad habits while they create a lifetime of positive transformation.”

It seems like the secret is now out at JetWave International with over 80% of participants reported that they would be setting their alarms earlier from now on.

About JetWave International

JetWave International is a direct sales and marketing agency based in the Knoxville. Focused on personalised marketing and sales growth for clients, JetWave International is passionate about helping companies make a genuine and lasting impression on consumers while generating leads and gaining market exposure.

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