Isaac Jackson of JetWave International reveals the fundamental questions to coach others successfully

Isaac Jackson of JetWave International reveals the fundamental questions to coach others successfully

As a passionate business coach and mentor, Isaac Jackson has extensive experience coaching, and inspiring professionals and the entrepreneur has revealed the fundamental questions to ask so that you can coach others successfully.

Leaders play a pivotal role in the coaching of others; a good leader has strong emotional intelligence and can form personal and individual relationships with their team. Particularly as the modern workforce is predominantly made up of Millennial and Generation Z, the workplace environment has changed drastically, and a veteran authoritarian approach to management will not work anymore.

It is with this in mind that JetWave International’s CEO Isaac Jackson has devised a list of critical questions to ask others to coach them successfully:

1.) What is a troubling or difficult situation in your life?

You are asking your subordinate to think about a situation where they are stuck, or they are not getting the support they need to overcome the issues they are experiencing; this will give them a sense you don’t just see them as a colleague but as a human being. It will great that initial element of trust. Trust is crucial when it comes to getting the most out of your team.

2.) How are you creating it or allowing it to happen?

This question gets your mentee to start thinking about how they have got themselves into their rut. This question is excellent because a lot of people will feel they are the victim of someone else’s issue. It encourages the individuals to change their mindset and come up with the answer for themselves; however, sometimes they need a push in the right direction from their leader or mentor.

3.) What are you pretending not to know?

People generally pretend not to know something because it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. We choose to ignore things because then we would have to take action.

4) What is the benefit of keeping the situation the way it is?

You need to ask if the pay off for keeping things the way they are worth not taking action required to overcome the issue. It might be the fact they are too far in their comfort zone or don’t like conflict. As a good leader, you need to encourage your mentee to get out of their comfort zone.

JetWave International are avid supporters of entrepreneurship, through their tried and tested development pathway they are developing the industry leaders of the future. The firm offers their contractors one-to-one mentoring with an industry professional, regular development workshops and fantastic networking opportunities.

JetWave International is a trusted business and consulting firm founded on previous experiences and principles. Each of the team members are leaders in their field of expertise, focused on customer acquisition, brand awareness and customer service. The firm wanted to create a solution, common ground and a mutual understanding between customers and clients and optimize the disconnect between marketing, advertising, brand awareness and customer acquisition.


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