Banish indecision using JetWave Internationals top tips for decisiveness

Banish indecision using JetWave Internationals top tips for decisiveness

‘The ability to make decisions is something that every entrepreneur must master’, – argues Isaac Jackson, CEO of Knoxville based JetWave International.

JetWave International are strong advocates of entrepreneurship, and the firm has developed a number of strategies in which to help them build their fundamental skills. These range from regular workshops to help refine individuals skills and remind them of best practices. As well as regular networking opportunities and a one-to-one mentoring program designed to develop a personalised progressional pathway for each member of staff or contractor.

JetWave International believes that being able to make good and fast decisions is a key skill that enables success for entrepreneurs and business executives alike. The firm has devised a list of tips that are designed to improve decisiveness.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that sometimes ‘good enough’ is perfect. What the firm mean by this is that when searching solely for perfection, people tend to forget the time element that comes with it. There comes a time where people have to make a decision and call time saying that it will have to be good enough. If it feels unnatural, the firm urges entrepreneur to remember that there are others who they are competing against failing the same time constraint If they are working at a slower pace its easier to overtake them and gain a competitive edge.

The firm believes that individuals need to be able to make big decisions in 5-10 minutes. Having taken inspiration from Jon Braddock, founder and CEO of My Life & Wishes who believes that going on gut instinct has helped him move rapidly when he sees an opportunity, the firm believes entrepreneurs must start doing the same in order to become more decisive.

“In business opportunities can evade us incredibly quickly, entrepreneurs need to act fast and decisively in order to get ahead of the competition. A failure to do so can often result in a failure to succeed ” argues Isaac Jackson, CEO of JetWave International.

Furthermore, the JetWave International believe that in order to achieve a higher level of decisiveness individuals must not look back once a decision has been made. They urge their staff and contractors to evaluate the best and worst case scenarios before making decisions and then don’t look back. In doing so, it will encourage a mindset of ‘sink’ or ‘swim’; entrepreneurs must do what they have to to see their decision through, win or lose.





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